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Admission and Testing Policy

  •  Inasmuch as students develop at widely varying rates and times, the school accepts the obligation of working with a child and his/her family to determine the proper placement of the child within the academic and social framework of the school.

  • Acceptance by the parents of the school's evaluation of the proper placement for the child is a requirement for admission.

  • Registration and testing fees are non-refundable.

  • Grace Christian Academy is here to serve you, and we will try our very best to do everything to help you.

  • Through both formal and informal elements of our program(s), we seek to provide the following:
    • The development of full Christian personalities on the premises given by God in the Scriptures.
    • An awareness of responsibility to self and others.
    • The learning of information necessary for life and long-lasting personal relationships.
    • An allegiance to the country.
    • Meaningful citizenship for the student enrolled.
    • Basically, not only how to make a living, but HOW TO LIVE.