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Grace Christian Academy
Dress Code / Hair Code


Justification For Our Dress Code:

  1. The Bible says in Psalm 127:3 that children are a gift from God.  In other words they are on loan to us and we have the responsibility to guide and direct them toward the things of God, not the things of the world.

  2. When the Bible speaks to the Christian about adornment it usually uses the word "modest" and carries the meaning that people should not be drawn to you by "what you wear," but by "who you are" as a person.

  3. We live in a society that says, "I know how important you are are by what name brand you are wearing."  This philosophy causes people to try to "keep up with the Jones" even though their finances are not adequate for them to do so.  More the reason your child should be known for "the inner person," not by "the outer look."

  4. We, at GCA, would like to take as many distractions as possible out of the picture in order to concentrate on what a Christian school is supposed to be doing: (a) building Bible character, (b) academics - all aspects of school work, and (c) social character - acceptance by character and personality, not by what one has or is wearing.


A General Description of GCA School Dress Code

  • We desire the boys to wear the following:
    • long khaki pants with a belt
    • navy blue Polo shirt (tucked in)

  • Boy's hair:
    • should be neatly groomed in a masculine style at all times
    • hair should be cut short for the boys on the sides and trimmed neatly in the back
    • hair should not touch the collar or exceed beyond the collar
    • hair that is combed on the forehead cannot come down more than one-half the width of the forehead

  • We desire the girls to wear the following:
    • jumper dress (knee length)
    • tights or bike shorts under the dress during hot months
    • long stockings under the dress during cold months

  • Girl's Hair:
    • should be combed nicely, too.
    • we want them, as well as the boys, to look nice in their appearance at all times.

  • Both boys and girls should wear the following:
    • tennis shoes in order to be active during Movement Education classes.
    • No sandals, plastic shoes, or shoes with hard leather soles

  • With the exception of Kindergarten [optional], all students are to be in GCA uniform.

  • Uniforms must be purchased from Land's End or JC Penny, (uniform information is available in the school office).
    • Land's End School Code: 900029414

  • All students are expected to abide by our dress/uniform code, and keep the uniform in neat appearance.

  • The uniform must be worn during school hours unless otherwise notified for a special occasion.

  • NOTE: For the GCA Preschool (Child Care) Program, the uniform is a GCA t-shirt along with shorts or sweatpants.  Please contact the school office for more information.

  • The administration reserves the right in all cases to make the final decision concerning conformity to these standards.

  • The key word is "modest" - modest hair cuts, modest attire, modest adornment.

  • We want children to look like children, not miniature adults - therefore keep everything to a minimum.

  • The reason for the dress and hair codes is to help the faculty, students, and parents to have and maintain a standard in these matters.

  • We realize the Christian life is more than a set of rules and guidelines, but they have their place.

  • We hope to have your cooperation in this matter.